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Mee & Cake House has been serving the palate of the people of Kota Kinabalu and tourists from around the globe for more than a decade. Our wide selection of local delicacies and western delights have satisfied the most demanding taste buds. From our humble beginning at the suburb of Penampang, we have grown to 3 outlets serving the popular demands of our customers. In addition to Eat-in at our outlets in Panampang, Karamunsing & Wisma Merdeka, we are also well-known for our catering service for functions large and small.

While you are here visiting our website, we invite you to explore the wide selection of food and baked items that will leave a sweet memory in your taste buds.


A Glance of What Mee & Cake House Has…

icon-noodleNoodle At Its Best.
If you love beef noodle, beef brisket noodle, ‘kon lou mee’ or ‘kon lou mien’, try our salivating beef noodle, with sauce or with soup.

icon-cakeCake For All Occasions.
We have a wide selection of cakes. We are certain you will find one that satisfies your flavor and liking.

icon-coffeeSnack Time.
Whether it’s morning or afternoon break, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a wide choice of pastry and kuih muih.

icon-kuihmuihLocal Delicacies.
Craving for local delights and delicacies. Our selection of local delicacies and kuih muih is as diverse as our cultural diversities.

icon-cateringCatering Service.
Planning for the wedding, birthday party, anniversary, annual dinner, AGM or other functions? We cater to all kinds of events and functions.

icon-locationFind Us Here.
We have 3 outlets conveniently located for easy access. It’s so easy to find us in any of our 3 outlets.

Gallery of Our Menu Items

Beef Brisket Noodle


Pies & Tarts

Call Us For Catering

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088-713 843

Wisma Merdeka

088-250 550

Karamunsing Complex

088-283 843

What Customers Said...

Savory Chicken Pie

” Mee and Cake House’s chicken pie always wins unanimously in the small pie taste test among the KKMOI team.”- KKMOI

``Famous Beef Noodle ... right in the city``

“While most of the famous beef noodle kopitiams lie in the suburbs of Kota Kinabalu, Mee & Cake House’s beef noodle stall is located right in city.” – olombon

``Kon Lou nice``

“I used to go there every Friday for the Kon Lou Mien XD additional beef damn so nice ;…” – Mas Light

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